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  • Palm Air AC Celebrates 10 Years In Business With The Launch Of A New Website!

    Staff | February 2018

    In early 2008, a new and different AC company emerged that quickly caught the attention of the residents of South Florida. Fast forward 10 years, the service continues to be top notch and while our team has grown, the relationships between us and our clients remain strong. In case you missed it, check the recent press release about us reaching the 10 year in business milestone and the launch of our new website.

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  • Palm Air Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary In 2018!

    Palm Air Staff | February 2018

    In 2008, the residents of South Florida fell in love with an AC company that stood out from the rest. Fast Forward 10 years, the service has improved and the team has grown but the bond between them is still as strong as day one. Click Read More to view our recent press release about our 10 year business anniversary.

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  • Happy New Year From All Of Us At Palm Air!

    Palm Air Staff | January 2018

    Palm Air is proud to have faithfully served you throughout 2017. We look forward to continuing to provide cleaner, colder more comfortable air throughout this new year.

    We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a joyous and successful 2018 from all of us here at Palm Air.

  • Happy Holidays From All Of Us At Palm Air!

    Palm Air Staff | December 2017

    Throughout the year, we have strived to be a breath of fresh air to our loyal customers. We would like to say thanks to our team and wish the very best to our clients in 2018.

    Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us at Palm Air!

  • Happy Thanksgiving From All Of Us At Palm Air!

    Palm Air Staff | November 2017

    Thank you to all of our valued customers. We enjoy being able to serve all of your HVAC needs. We are grateful for your support and we look forward to your continued support in the future. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the day!

  • Protecting Your AC Unit From Storms

    Palm Air Staff | October 2017

    Florida may be called the Sunshine State, but the storms still come. Hurricane season is here and protecting your Air conditioning unit should be top priority on your preparation list.

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  • Protecting Your AC Unit With A Surge Protector

    Palm Air Staff | September 2017

    Protect your air conditioning system from damages caused by electrical spikes with a simple and inexpensive installation of an AC surge protector.

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  • Happy Labor Day From All Of Us At Palm Air

    Palm Air Staff | August 2017

    On behalf of all of our clients, Palm Air would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful staff for everything they do to make our country great, our firm successful and our clients/ customers happy. Thank you for all you do, quality people make all the difference in the world. Enjoy the holiday!

  • 24 Tricks To Survive Hot Summer Nights (Without AC)

    Palm Air Staff | June 2017

    We've all been there—tossing and turning in bed, struggling because our sweat has us practically glued to the sheets. It. Is. Awful. There are few things worse than trying to catch some shut-eye (or even just relax!) in an incredibly hot, sticky room. But brutal summer temps are unavoidable for most of us at some point in the year.

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  • Happy Independence Day From Palm Air

    Palm Air Staff | June 2017

    Here at Palm Air, we are proud to be a corporate citizen of the greatest country on earth. We value the sacrifice, foresight and wisdom on our great nation's forefathers. Most of all though we value our client’s safety as they enjoy the freedoms afforded to them this Independence Day. We wish all of you a cool, safe and enjoyable holiday. Handle your BBQ grills, fireworks, libations with care and be sure to stay cool and hydrated.

    Happy 4th of July from all of us at Palm Air.

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