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  • 3 Tips For A Cool July 4th Weekend In South Florida

    Palm Air AC|28 June 2016

    July 4th weekend is a wonderful time in the summer for you to relax and enjoy the sunshine, friends and family. Here are three tips to make your Fourth of July weekend the coolest around.

    Monitor Your AC Use

    July 4th weekend will more than likely be a hot one, so your air conditioner should be getting a lot of use. Be sure to keep a careful eye on it throughout the weekend to keep your house cool and your wallet full.

    If you are having guests over, be sure to advise them to keep the doors and windows closed. Consider using only one door for entry into the house to keep the cool air inside. If you are headed out of town for the weekend, turn your thermostat up to avoid overworking your system when you’re not around.

    Check Your Air Filter

    With your air conditioner working overtime for the weekend and the coming weeks, now is a good time to check your filter. Replace it if it looks dirty. A dirty filter will restrict air flow and make your system work harder and longer to cool the house.

    Enjoy the Events

    Staying cool is about having some fun, too! Use the Fourth of July weekend to give your AC a break and enjoy the events in the area. Be sure to turn your thermostat up if you are gone for a long period of time. Here are some cool events just for you:

    Get More Cool Ideas from Palm Air

    We are more than ready to help make your Fourth of July weekend the coolest around. Contact Palm Air for suggestions. We can help make sure you keep your house cool and comfortable all weekend long and throughout the summer.

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