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  • AC Trends: Unique Solar-Powered Air Conditioner Coming Soon?

    Palm Air AC|14 June 2016

    New trends occur in technology every day, but have you heard about the unique, solar-powered AC system that could reduce energy use and dangerous air pollution? A team of French engineers have invented an innovative air conditioning system that uses solar power to cool indoor spaces.

    Solar Powered AC System

    The Helioclim air conditioning system is revolutionary in that it will use the heat from the sun — heat that most residents in South Florida know all too well! — to power the system. The solar-powered AC system will save the high energy costs that typically come with cooling a home in Florida and save our atmosphere from traditional AC’s damaging carbon dioxide emissions.

    Solar Powered AC System

    Cooling Sunshine State Homes with Sunshine

    Space and thermal engineering skills combined to design this AC system to release no greenhouse gas emissions and use solar power to heat water up to almost 400° Fahrenheit. That pressurized water circulates through the system to provide hot and cold water to cool or warm the home. A water-ammonia mixture is used as the refrigerant base. What makes this system unique is the potent level of heating and cooling it is said to provide.

    Solar Powered AC

    Eco-Friendly AC Systems of the Future

    The awareness of carbon emissions from the increased use of air conditioning systems continues to rise like the heat of a Florida summer. Owners of residential and commercial spaces alike are requesting the use of more eco-friendly systems that emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and air conditioning is an important area to consider. Zero-carbon buildings and green homes are becoming more prevalent, and the air conditioning industry is taking notice. Look for these systems to arrive in the United States later this year.

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