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  • Commercial AC Service In Boca Raton Can Reduce Allergies

    Palm Air AC|10 March 2016

    Spring is allergy season for many people, and Boca Raton is no exception. But what many people don’t realize is that symptoms are often caused or exacerbated by a polluted HVAC system whether at home or at work. In fact, many people with allergies suffer more than they should because of the indoor air at home or the office rather than pollen and other outdoor allergens. Most commercial HVAC systems are also often overlooked for routine maintenance, as most business owners have many things on their list about which to worry. Follow these simple tips to reduce allergies, and keep everyone helping at the workplace and not at home suffering.

    Clean Air Filters

    A clogged, dirty, or even black air filter makes an HVAC system work much harder and less efficiently, and they can also allow dust and other contaminants to enter a system. The system will then recirculate those contaminants throughout the building, and as contaminant levels rise over time, indoor air quality decreases.

    Clean Ductwork

    Even when a service replaces or cleans your air filters on a regular basis, some amount of dirt will enter the ductwork through normal operation. One of the big problems with dust buildup is that dust acts as a sponge of sorts. Therefore, in addition to being a trigger itself, it can store dust mites, odors, volatile organic compounds and more and continue to emit these substances over time.

    Well-Maintained Evaporator Coils

    In addition to replacing your air filters, cleaning your evaporator coils is one of the most important commercial maintenance services for your HVAC system. Over time, buildup on evaporator coils can include dirt, mold, and other irritants. Left uncleaned, these irritants will reduce air quality, and the buildup will eventually get to the point of reducing system performance and efficiency.

    Optimal Ventilation

    In a well-ventilated system, circulated air should smell fresh and clean whether it’s cooled, heated or simply being moved. Air that smells stale or has other odors is a sign of inadequate ventilation. Poor ventilation leads people to opening windows and doors and thereby introduce pollen and other contaminants that affect allergy sufferers.

    Palm Air AC Can Help Reduce Allergies

    At Palm Air AC, we have a lot of experience providing commercial HVAC services and helping our clients reduce the presence of pollutants that can trigger allergy symptoms. We can help you breathe easier too, so contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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