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  • Take Control With Our New Special Offers

    Staff|25 September 2020

    Home control meets cost savings with Palm Air!

    We are excited about our upcoming promotion that is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat. You can save $69 on an Ecobee SmartThermostat, Save $50 on a Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat or get a FREE Honeywell T6 WIFI thermostat upgrade if you install a new HVAC system with Palm Air. Service agreement customers also  have a chance to get an additional 15% off.

    Wifi thermostats give you the ability to be in ultimate control of your heating and cooling systems via a phone, tablet, smart speaker or computer. The best part is that you can connect from any place, any time once you’re connected to the internet.  What are the benefits?

    • Customized comfort - our device will then use this data to come up with a schedule that reflects your preferred temperatures, when you need it and how you like it.
    • Adjust your home’s temperature whenever, wherever -  Check and adjust the temperature in your home from your office, school, the grocery store or even from another state.
    • Save without sacrificing comfort - A smart thermostat can save you money by cooling and heating your home only as much as needed.

    Learn more about our featured products:

    Ecobee SmartThermostat

    • Connect from any mobile or desktop device
    • 7 day programmable 
    • Temperature and humidity control
    • Built-in Amazon Alexa
    • Voice Control
    • Works with Apple Homekit and Google Assistant 
    • Touchscreen Display

    Regularly priced at $456 (Includes installation)

    Promotional Price $387

    **Service agreement customers get an additional 15% off = $329**

    Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat

    • Connect from ANYWHERE using the Honeywell home app
    • 7 Day Programmable
    • Receive smart alerts
    • Can integrate with Alexa
    • Touchscreen display

    Regularly priced at $334 (includes installation)

    Promotional price $284

    **Service agreement customers get an additional 15% off = $241**

    Taking control can also mean taking the right steps to reduce any chances of your HVAC system breaking down. We have helped thousands of customers save with our maintenance plans. Simple steps and seasonal check-ups by an expert technician can help you prevent costly and unexpected breakdowns. 

    At Palm Air, our goal is to provide safe, long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes to our clients. When you schedule a maintenance appointment with our team of experts, we work to prevent the risk of expensive breakdowns, improve your home’s indoor air quality, lower your energy bills and provide reliable, efficient home comfort all year long. Here are a few essential points we never miss during a maintenance appointment: 

    • Clean condensing unit 
    • Tighten electrical connections 
    • Clean indoor evaporator coil
    • Flush condensate drain line 
    • Inspect for refrigerant leaks
    • Clean or replace air filters
    • Calibrate thermostat
    • Evaluate overall efficiency

    Schedule your seasonal maintenance appointment as early as possible and don’t forget to ask about signing up for a plan. If you’d like more information on our maintenance services and ifi thermostats or our upcoming promotion, please call (561) 922-3199.

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