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  • What Boca Raton Was Like Before Air Conditioning

    Palm Air AC|04 August 2016

    The idea of not having air conditioning is almost unthinkable in Boca Raton, Florida yet we all reflect on the thought at least once a summer — especially when the temperatures are at their peak in July and August. It’s hard to imagine how people survived before air conditioning prior to its invention in the 1900’s. Although illness related to heat were common, people did, in fact, survive before A/C! Keep reading to learn what Boca Raton was like before air conditioning.

    People Adapted to the Heat of South Florida

    Most just can’t imagine what life is like without air conditioning if you’ve never experienced life with it. Prior to the invention of A/C, fans were the only thing keeping a breeze flowing, so people who lived in South Florida were very familiar with the extreme heat and humidity.

    However, the fashion protocol of the time didn’t help much, which is probably the reason why most Floridians have adapted to wearing their favorite flip flops, tee shirts and shorts these days. Hand-held fans were still a fashion statement and necessity back in the day. And just as Floridians must carry an umbrella for the rainy season today, umbrellas were a common accessory to shield the sun and keep the rain away.

    Stereotypes of “The South”

    The southern way of living is often associated with a large front porch. They weren’t just built for the look, though — they were built to avoid the heat. Porches were used as an outdoor living room where, after a long day, families would gather on the front porch to escape the stuffy indoors as the night air cooled and fans accompanied the cool air with a nice breeze. During the day it offered a place with shade and a breeze as well where family and workers could escape to for a break from the heat.

    Architecture in South Florida

    To accommodate the heat, homes were built differently in the pre-A/C era. Contrary to the average ceiling heights in homes today, houses built prior to the 1900’s had tall ceilings so that the heat could rise. Hallways were also wider and usually extended from the front to the very back of the house with doors open to create a wind tunnel. Architects knew how the science behind heat and wind worked even back in the day!

    The New Era of Architecture: Contact Palm Air For Air Conditioning Needs

    Thankfully, with the invention of air conditioning, the fear of life without it isn’t as much of a threat! This is especially true because the expert technicians at Palm Air in Boca Raton are there to assist you with all your A/C needs! Our company prides itself on our whole-home approach. We focus not only on HVAC but the whole building structure in order to identify problems from the foundation so that we can deliver the best quality service for your home or business. Give us a call or schedule a service today if you can’t live without quality cold air!

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