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  • Why Spring Is The Best Time For An AC Tune-Up

    Palm Air AC|24 February 2016

    An AC tune-up provides many benefits to the Boca Raton homeowner. Although one of the primary reasons for air conditioning maintenance is energy efficiency, there are many additional reasons for scheduling this preventive service each spring. A professional inspection and cleaning can save time, protect health, and improve comfort levels for the coming cooling season.

    Emerging From Winter’s Hibernation

    An air conditioning system that has been dormant for the winter can experience unexpected problems upon starting up as the weather warms. For example, dirty coils can infuse the air with a musty odor. A clogged drain pan can cause water to overflow from the air handler. A refrigerant leak can create stress for the compressor, which could lead to a premature system failure. Those who forget to schedule AC tune-ups run a greater risk of having a repair issue early in the cooling season.

    Combating Allergies

    The musty odors in the air handler can represent mold and bacteria that have been left to grow uninhibited for an extended period of time. These can be serious allergy triggers. Additionally, a dirty evaporator coil can trap even more debris, including pollen and dust found in the home’s air supply. A tune-up includes professional cleaning of these system parts, which can help to promote healthier indoor air. An HVAC technician can also recommend helpful strategies to combat allergy symptoms, such as the use of UV lamps to kill biomaterials that settle in this space.

    Coordinating with Spring Cleaning

    Spring is a time of freshening up the home environment, which makes this the ideal time to schedule household maintenance tasks such as an AC tune-up. A maintenance plan makes it easy to fit a tune-up into one’s spring schedule, and this also allows a homeowner to obtain prompt assistance in the event of a seasonal breakdown.

    Managing AC After the Tune-Up

    It is important to continue with system maintenance by checking the air filter periodically throughout the cooling season. Joining our Filter Club can help by taking to guesswork out of remembering AC maintenance. This will contribute to good efficiency levels, excellent comfort, and healthy air throughout the summer months.

    Experts At AC Tune-Up and More

    Don’t forget to check our AC Coupons and Specials for a special offer on a seasonal AC tune-up! Excellent air conditioner performance begins with a tune-up. Palm Air will work to bring a system’s performance levels back to manufacturer standards during this service, counteracting months or even years of heavy operation. With the heat of a South Florida summer ahead, this is an essential step in preparing to make the season as comfortable as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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