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  • Why Your South Florida AC Needs A Seasonal Tune-Up

    Palm Air AC|04 March 2016

    Wondering why your air conditioner needs a tune-up each season? It is important to ensure that your AC is running properly at all times, especially in Florida’s hot, sub-tropical climate. When the long, hot spring and summer months come, you want to be able to turn your AC unit on and know that it will cool down you and your home. You can have this confidence when you have your AC unit tuned up seasonally. There are a number of other reasons to tune up your AC, just keep reading to learn more.

    Avoid Costly Repairs

    Having your AC unit maintained every year is important to keep it running at its best. If the unit is not maintained seasonally, minor problems can turn into major problems with costly repairs. A simple low coolant level can make your AC unit work harder than it should which will result in components within the unit wearing out faster and costing you more money.

    Lower Your Energy Bills

    The harder your AC unit has to work to cool your home, the more energy it is using and the more it is costing you. When a unit is properly maintained, it will run at a minimum of 95% efficiency. This means it will not have to work as hard to keep you cool and will then reduce the amount of energy it uses, reducing your energy bill.

    Your AC Unit Will Last Longer

    When your AC unit is properly maintained and repaired when necessary, it will last longer. Studies have shown that the life an AC unit with the proper maintenance is longer than the life of those that have not been maintained. Just by having your AC unit maintained, you could be adding years to the life of it.

    Palm Air AC Can Keep Your South Florida AC Up To Par

    Contact Palm Air AC for all of your AC needs, including your seasonal tune-up. The professional and knowledgeable technicians will ensure all connections are tight, all moving parts are lubricated, that the coolant is full, and your AC unit is clean and free of debris. This will allow your AC unit to run efficiently and keep you cool.

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